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Monday, 17 August 2009

Learn to draw, Lesson 2: Pen sketch from life

First, I just have to say: Thank you, Usain Bolt. Although this is not a blog about sports, that 9.58 race last night was nothing short of a work of art. A masterpiece.

Todays lesson also has to do with speed, but of a different kind.

Lesson 2: Pen Sketch From Life

(Click for full view)

This is a quick pen sketch I did from life yesterday. Believe me: You have to draw fast when drawing children. I have found that ink/pen drawings are well suited for quick sketching. While I prefer pencil for more careful studies and drawings where many nuances are desired.

This second lesson takes your drawing practice one step further. I hope you have started where I suggested in Lesson 1 and that you are getting into the pleasant habit of drawing daily.

You claim that you just can't find the time? Sorry, but I don't believe you. Aim for one minute a day as a start. ONE minute. You can always find one single minute - IF you really want to learn to draw, that is. And frankly, there is no better way to learn drawing than... actually drawing. No technical aspects or tricks in the world will make you good at drawing unless you're willing to find time for regular practice.

If you still haven't drawn a single line since starting to follow these lessons, I suggest that you stop reading here and instead of finishing reading this lesson: Find a paper and draw for one minute. Don't know what to draw? Draw a circle, a square and a triangle. Don't look the way you want them to? Draw them again. And again, for as long as you like.

If you HAVE drawn something since the last lesson, today - and for as many days as you can possibly manage - I want you to try and pick an object from life.

Draw it, preferably using a pen.

Draw quickly, instinctively, caring more about the big shapes than getting everything correct.

Don't bother with shading until you feel really comfortable with capturing the outlines of the object. I suggest that you start with something really simple, based on a basic geometrical shape: A tennis ball, a dice, a shoebox.

All drawing is based on the basic shapes: The sphere, the box, the cylinder and the cone

Of course you can try drawing an animal or a person - but bear in mind that these are actually the hardest things to draw, so don't become discouraged if you find it really challenging.

If you really want to learn to draw the human body, I suggest that you start by drawing your own hand and/or foot. Keep drawing these - without shading - until you are satisfied with the result. After that you can try adding shading and detail.

Whatever you choose to draw, try to focus on finding the basic, underlying shape. Get the "big picture", then move on to more detailed drawing.

Always draw from "big" to "small"

And preferably try doing these quick life sketches with a pen - a regular ballpoint will do just fine.

Good luck - and let me know how you're doing

Happy drawing! 

(This lesson last updated: October 2009)


  1. Really good instructions! I haven´t begun my drawing practice yet, but I feel more and more inspired. I´ll go and buy a scetching pad tomorrow at lunch time. I promise!

  2. Thanks. Glad to hear that you will try to find time for something you'll enjoy doing.

    Looking forward to following your progress.



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