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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Recently Read: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Once more entering the ancient Library you stare in awe at the seemingly endless shelves of old books. The librarian notices your reaction and soon approaches. "May I help you?" she asks in a calm, considerate voice...

(Today it is Winddale in the 4th inquart, 0 S.D. and innumerable stars fill the night sky)

couple of days ago I finally finished reading a novel I've been leaving and returning to for a long time. Lewis Carroll's classical masterpiece (featured in "1001 books you must read before you die", Swedish edition) has been virtually impossible to read without remembering all the familiar characters (and plot) from the Disney version that I have seen more than once.

This makes it quite impossible for me to give the novel a fair rating. Full of unforgettable characters, puns, word games and logical puzzles taking place in a wondrous, dreamlike world, it is easy to see why this novel has remained a classic. I recommended it to anyone interested in reading a classic of parallel-world fantasy literature (á la C. S. Lewis' Narnia), in linguistic experiments or if you are not at all familiar with the story, what will happen and how it will end - this novel would surely have been an even more rewarding experience if I would have begun reading it without all the knowledge I now had about what to expect from it.

Luckily I know hardly anything of the less well-known sequel, "Through the looking-glass" that is included in the same edition. Since this continuation is also generally regarded as a literary masterpiece (and I enjoyed the first part) I plan to read it as well - and probably have yet another wondrous journey ahead of me soon.

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