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Monday, 26 January 2009

Fantasytree introduces Solemgreyd - Join This Totally Free Interactive Fantasy Game!

Amazed you realize that this place is something more than you ever imagined and that you might be one of those who will carve their names into the ancient trunk of the proud, ever growing tree...

new week and I am happy to present to you a new, dangerous land to explore. If you enjoy taking part in fantasy adventures in brand new, totally original worlds you have come to the right place.

Ever since I began writing this blog I have felt a desire to develop this blog into something more than an ordinary blog only publishing top lists, game recommendations, fantasy news and so on (although it will certainly continue doing that as well). It is my ambition to expand Fantasytree into an entire original fantasy world in which you can find all the fantasy-related news, lists and reviews you're looking for, but where you can also interact with and discover some parts of this world in a more game-oriented way.

I have already begun creating this new world and see before me Ceyeth Lavgildin - The City of Golden leaves, Citadel of the guardian, a huge Library in which chronicles and scriptures can be found but also the majestic Halls of fame. These and many other locations will be safely situated way up in the gigantic Fantasytree. The much darker lands surrounding the foot of this tree however, the evil realm known as Solemgreyd - only kept from disturbing the peaceful lives of the inhabitants of Ceyeth Lavgildin by the dedicated Rootan watchers in the outpost of Rowotan - THAT is a land where danger and adventure awaits (and where the game part of this blog will take place).

Does this sound like fun? Inspiring and exciting? Boring? Stupid? I need feedback in order to shape this blog into something worthwhile, a place you want to return to.

But I understand that it is hard to comment on something that is yet to be experienced, so I thought I would simply start an introductory adventure and see how many will be interested in joining. All you must do to join is to simply click this link: The first journey to Solemgreyd. Further instructions will be found in the post this will lead you to.

I probably should mention that playing this game is of course totally FREE, and that all participants (to begin with) will participate in controlling one character, much along the ways the good old "solo adventure" games - Lone Wolf, Fighting Fantasy and that kind - were played.

How long this game will continue will obviously depend on how many players there will be. The adventure won't start until there are AT LEAST two persons interested in playing. Of course there will be no obligation to continue playing. TWO players will however be a minimum for an adventure to continue.

Feel like playing? Then move on to The first journey to Solemgreyd.

Don't feel like playing? Simply wait for the next "regular" post to arrive.

Whatever you choose I hope that you have a great week ahead of you. Don't forget to vote for your favorite subject (survey can be found at the top of the left column) her at Fantasytree.

Best wishes


  1. Hey! are you bored here? Listen to music, maybe you will get inspired.

  2. Hi,
    and thanks for the suggestion. Are you referring to the radio station or is there any particular music you have in mind?


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