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Monday, 2 February 2009

An Online Fantasy World You Can Visit Today

Walking down the spiral stairs for what seems like forever you finally arrive in the dark, damp catacombs beneath the Citadel. As you walk through a long, winding torch-lit corridor, seven heavy iron gates are unlocked in order for you to finally reach your shimmering destination. Before you - almost blinding you with the intensity of its bright white and blue light - stands the huge Portal of Dreams, capable of sending you to other worlds...

(today it is Moondale in the 3rd inquart, 0 S.D and a gentle drizzle is falling)

ver since I was just a little child I have been fascinated by how stories, fairy tales, books and - as I grew up - computer RPGs and MMORPGs seem capable of creating worlds existing within the real world. The idea with this post, that will hopefully one day grow into an entire fantasy universe (imagine a list with hundreds of Online Fantasy Worlds...that is what I call a smorgasbord) is to start collecting links to some of the available online fantasy worlds in one place.

Criteria for being included are at the moment:
- It is a fully developed, released MMORPG fantasy world (not in an alpha or beta state)
- It is totally free to enter and to experience at least parts of the world (registration will however probably be needed as it usually is)
- It must be an original world, no "clones" or fan versions of already existing ones
- It must be a browser-based world (no client download should be necessary)
- It must be a world described through the use of SOME kind of graphics (no text-based MUDs - Multi User Dungeons - at the moment, since then there are just TOO many to choose from)

Fantasytree tip #4: If you like or are curious about trying text-based MUDs I recommend you to visit The Mudconnector for more than one thousand MUDs to choose from.

I will try to keep this list up-to-date and to mark worlds that are no longer existing. But I am - as always - grateful for any feedback or suggestions I can get. If you feel that you have created a MMORPG world that meets the above criteria, simply write a comment where you give me the name of the world and your the address to your website and I'll come and take visit before I add it.

I won't provide any information at all about the different worlds (except that they meet the criteria stated above). Part of the excitement should be for you - and me as I will probably forget which world is which as the list grows - to find out more about and explore these distant destinations.

Shivering you enter the Portal of Dreams heading for...

Syrnia (Recently visited by me)

More worlds to be added soon...

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  1. I really like the names of the days of the week.
    They´re just great!

  2. I'm glad to hear that.
    Thanks for your comment and good look with your own blog (I visit regularly)


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