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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Soon here at Fantasytree: Learn to Draw the Way I Learned It!

As my readers have noticed, I've been drawing a lot lately and really made some progress with my drawing skills. At, I have been running a thread on "Drawing basics" and have decided to share the posts I've written there by turning them to lessons here.

I hope there are many beginners out there who feel like learning to draw that will benefit from my journey towards becoming a fantasy artist. (A visual representation of that odyssey can be found in the short YouTube movie I've made, Way of the artist). Or more experienced artists who feel like brushing off - or never learned - the very basics of drawing.

I can't promise that I'll turn you into a professional artist. What I can promise you though, is that if you follow the same path I've done and is willing to make drawing one of your daily habits - you will make considerable progress.

Just to give a hint of what I'm talking about I will show you a drawing from when I began practicing in a structured way - as well as a drawing I did 3 months later. If you feel like starting to developing your own drawing the same way, then you should definitely check out my
Learn to draw lessons (coming soon...).

So, do you also feel like going from


in 3 months, then you should definitely come back and hear what helped me to take such a leap.

Hope to soon post my first lesson - and that you'll feel like taking it. Every lesson I will also try to recommend a book that has helped me to become a better artist.


  1. Wow, vad du har utvecklats! Coolt att se!

  2. Thanks a lot, my friend. Has meant a lot to have art to focus on.

    See you soon :-)


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