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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Work In Progress - Naiad, (Minitutorial part 2, WiP 4 and 5)

Have kept working on my Naiad and will continue the little tutorial I published along with WiP 1 to 3 in a recent post. First I tried to apply roughly the general shape and feel of water, that I would later spread out using the palette knife. This led to a chaotic stage of the process:

Then I changed my mind and decided that the water would follow the oval shapes of the underlying structure. This meant that it would be painted more like ripples. Here is the latest version:


Since this I've been thinking whether I should change the direction of the water. Since the nymph is supposed to be a part of the element, maybe it would be better to have the water flowing in the direction of the flow and planes of the figure? It probably would.

To paint an image like this is a process taking part subconsciously and in the mind as well as on the canvas. It's a process of solving one visual problem after another, an internal journey and exploration of ideas, concepts and designs. This is what makes it so endlessly fascinating and inspiring.


  1. Hi!
    I forgot to say that I think that you are very good with words! It´s interesting to see how you explain the whole process in the making of the picture.
    I think the second picture is more "calm" than the first one. It will be interesting to follow the development of the nymph.

  2. Thanks, glad you find my writing instructive. Yes, it actually changed quite a bit yesterday. Hope to post another WiP soon



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Find Fantasytree recommendations and see what other readers recommend at the bottom of this page...