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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Finding a Good Free MMO Game Online - A Step By Step Guide, Part 2

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(Today it is Squaredale in the 2nd inquart, 0 S.D. and clouds cover the sun this afternoon)

n the previous post in this guide you were advised to first decide whether you were looking for a F2P (requires download) or a browser-based MMO game. Done that? Great, then you're ready for:

Step 2A: Deciding the genre by picking your game (browser-based)

Fantasytree tip #1: If you are completely new to MMOs or feel hesitant about downloading a client it's wise to start with a browser-based game just to make sure you like the main game concept of MMO:s before you put down the extra time and effort it takes to find and download a client-based one.

The time has now come to decide whether you want to be a human warrior or a minotaur mage in a fantasy setting - or if you perhaps prefer playing a trigger happy bounty hunter in some future dystopia. In other words: Which genre are you looking for? And would you like a text/tile-based, 2D, 2,5D or 3D experience? (Welcome to the jungle...)

However, if you have decided on the F2P alternative you must also make sure your computer can meet the system requirements. We will look at that specific problem in the next part of this guide (Most of the general tips I give in this part apply to F2P gaming as well though, so keep reading...)

Let's start by focusing on the less complicated - but often somewhat limited - alternative of playing a MMO directly in your browser. (Path "A")

My favorite site when trying to pick a free MMO to play is However this approach requires you to define certain search criteria and compare ratings or reviews between different games in order to find your game. If you want an even faster way to find some of the very best browser-based MMOs I suggest you take a look at this list from the site

Fantasytree tip #2: Make sure that you also take a look at what is available for a "free" account vs. a "premium" account. Sometimes certain areas, skills, quests and items are only available for premium members. If you find that there is too much of a disadvantage to only playing for free, then there is really just one decision to make: Bite that sour apple and pay or simply find another game. (Personally I don't mind if I can't have all the most powerful items in a game, however I find it hard playing a game in which I know that some areas and quests - probably the most inspiring ones - will always be out of my reach unless I start paying a monthly fee.) Of course it is all up to every gamer to decide what is important for a rewarding experience. I recommend you to check these things BEFORE falling in love with - and dedicating a lot of time to - a game though.

Step 3A: Register at the site

After having picked a game what you do next is going to the site to register for a game account. You will probably have to submit your e-mail address in order to receive an activation mail for your account.

Fantasytree tip #3: Register an extra mail account at one of the free mail services that you use for all the different game accounts you will have to make in order to play the best of the available online MMO games. A "ijustusethisforgaming@ ... .com" account is really good to have when you don't want too much game related mails among your private ones.

Step 4A: Go to your mailbox and activate your account

Once you've found the "account activation mail" and your account is activated you simply - 5A: - log in and start playing (probably by creating your first character and perhaps going through some sort of tutorial)

In the next part of this guide we will take a look at in which ways your computer will perhaps limit your choices when it comes to which F2P (and B2P - Buy to play - or P2P - Pay to play) games you can actually play.

But let's end this part - and finish the guide as far as it comes to browser-based gaming by summing up:

The steps included in finding and beginning to play a good, free, browser-based MMO:

1. Decide that it's a browser-based (A) and not F2P (B - will be covered in the next part of this guide) MMO game you're looking for.

2A. Find a game you feel like trying - you can for instance use this list for that purpose. Don't forget to look at "free vs. premium account advantages"

3A. Go to the game site and register (submit that alternative e-mail address I suggested)

4A. Go to inbox and activate account

5A. Go back to game site, log in and enter another world...

I hope this guide was helpful to you. Please comment or mail me if you like/dislike it.

Don't miss part 3 (coming soon...)

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