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Friday, 16 January 2009

Shadow of Legend: Going from Level 1 to 10 without a Fight!

Type of review: First impression
(Read OnRPGs full review of the game HERE)

Type of game: MMORPG, F2P (Item shop)

State: Open beta

ever before have I been able to gain 10 levels and a LOT of new equipment without fighting at least some low level enemies. Not until I gave the new MMORPG "Shadow of legend" a go. As a sort of "beginner's quest" the only thing you have to do (at least if you have chosen to play a combatant - I assume it's the same for every class) is to go from NPC to NPC in order to receive a new requests to go see a person, something that is really easy thanks to the autotracking feature. Simply click the NPC you want to go to and a route is automatically drawn on the map and your character goes there by itself (reminds me of the way Talisman Online and Myth War II is being played).

What first made me download SoL however, was the fact that it had a very detailed background story (five pages!) and chronicles about different events during the history of the world more than 10 pages!). Not usual for a F2P game to rest on such an elaborate ground.

Since this game has been developed also for users playing on their mobile phone, the 2D graphics are rather simple albeit detailed. This brings a sort of nostalgic feel to the game as you actually feel almost like playing a game from the good old Baldur's Gate era.

So far I am really pleased with what I have experienced in SoL (currently at level 11) and I will keep playing it in order to see whether this first impression lasts. If it doesn't I'll surely let you know.

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